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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Mr John Hughes the Argoed.
He was a past chairman of the New Memorial Hall and was the leader of the committee that got this Hall built.
Our thoughts are with Megan and the family at this sad time.
The representatives of the community groups before laying their wreaths this morning.
The Remembrance service will be going ahead this morning as planned.
A risk assessment has been completed and all Welsh Government guidelines will be adhered to .
With growing concerns relating to Covid can we ask that you do not come and watch the ceremony, but instead observe the 2 minute silence on your doorstep.
We will be using the sound system to hopefully allow you to hear the ceremony across the village.
Although we cannot hold a full Rememberance service It is so important to many that the laying of wreaths can take place within our Community, thank you in advance for your cooperation.
A big thank you to the Community for your kind donations and your great support. Lest we forget!
[09/08/20]   Reopening of Trefeglwys Memorial Hall
The intention is to implement the phased reopening of the Memorial Hall for as many of the activities that normally take place as possible as soon as we are given the go-ahead. The Hall Committee must stress that we are still in a period of great uncertainly, will be learning as we go along to a certain extent and that everything is subject to any changes in legislation etc. Continued opening of the Hall will be reliant on compliance with all rules and guidelines as well as care and common sense.
• Any individual or organisation considering booking the Hall must acquaint themselves with the Hall’s Risk Assessment – as this is a document that will need to be updated regularly, please e-mail [email protected] for the most recent electronic version.
• The Hall is likely to be confined to a single booking per
day for the foreseeable future in order to ensure that it can be cleaned and sanitised as necessary between bookings.
• Use of the building is confined to the Main Hall and the
Disabled Toilet only (ie the Kitchen, Committee Room, corridor leading past the old changing rooms and both Gents and Ladies Toilets will be OUT OF BOUNDS).
• The Hall can only be used following a confirmed booking
made with the Caretaker / Bookings Secretary – Mrs Tracy Jones.
• Group size will be limited to an absolute maximum of 30 persons (this is dependent on the nature of the proposed activity and will need to be considered on a case by case basis).
• Social distancing (2m) must be maintained at all times but the wearing of face masks is at your own discretion.
• Individuals or organisations making a booking will have
to produce their own Risk Assessment which will need to
be approved in advance by the Hall Committee.
• A list of names of all attendees and their contact details
will have to be handed to the Caretaker by the Organiser of the activity as soon as possible after the end of that session.
• Attendees must deem themselves to be free of any Covid- like symptoms before attending (see the list of symptoms

etc attached to the Hall’s Risk Assessment) • When in the Hall :
o o o
o o o
All equipment used will need to be kept to a minimum and sanitised prior to arrival.
If chairs are required, please confine use to the solid plastic chairs (ie not the cloth covered chairs).
Please arrive as prepared for the proposed activity as possible and minimise the amount of additional
clothing, belongings etc brought into the Hall – store all belongings sensibly.
Use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and as regularly as required throughout your time in the Hall eg after touching surfaces etc.
Minimise hand contact will door handles, light switches and all fixtures and fittings, particularly any that cannot easily be cleaned and wiped down.
Please do anything you can to avoid possible transmission of the virus to subsequent users.
• Despite all this apparent negativity, please enjoy your
activity and do anything you can to ensure that such
activities can continue. It is what the Hall is for ! Trefeglwys Memorial Hall Committee August 26th 2020
Trefeglwys Memorial Hall
Over the last few days we’ve found. That a number of items in the playground have been broken or damaged.
We provide this playground for the community and feel saddened that this damage has been done.
We have also had damage to the roof slate. Can we ask anyone playing ball games on the grass please try and avoid hitting any part of the hall.
Join us on your doorstep today at 11.00
With the current situation preventing any gatherings, we have decided to do the following.
The flag at the hall will be lowered to half mast for the weekend in memory of those that didn’t return and the survivors that have since passed.
At 11.02 we will play Churchill’s speech followed by the last post. Hopefully this will be able to be heard across the village.
VE Day. Lest we forget.
Due to the current situation We have had to take the following action.
The hall is closed for all activities until we are give clearance by the authorities to reopen. Sorry for having to take this action.

Next event at the hall.
Hope everyone enjoyed the night.
Massive thanks to all that made the night possible. And for everyone that came and joined in.
Bro Arwystli The school, community hall, and church in Trefeglwys have come together to organise what promises to be a great event - we hope that you are able to join us on the evening! More details to follow.
[09/05/19]   Our next hall meeting
Monday 9th September
All welcome.
Dear Hall User / Resident

The aim of this leaflet is to update you on the current financial position of the Memorial Hall and to request your attendance and support at a Committee Meeting scheduled for next Monday evening (July 1st) at 7.30pm. The key topic for discussion is the state of our finances
Overleaf you will find a summary of the Hall’s expenditure and income on an annual basis over the course of the last 5 years. It can be seen that the total cost of running the Hall has amounted to anywhere between approximately £11,000 and £16,000 per annum with the costs of heating the building and insuring the Hall (and play area) making up the greater part of this.
We do not believe that we are in any way extravagant – in fact we have reined in our spending since 2014 but it only takes one unforeseen item such as a faulty boiler in 2018 to alter our best laid plans. We have to acknowledge that, by now, we have a slightly ageing Hall and that the wear and tear of the 20 years or so since it was built are starting to show, so this is likely to be a recurring issue.
Our Treasurer believes that we need enough money in hand at any one point in time to run the Hall for the coming year and our reserves have recently dwindled to marginally below £10,000 which is a real cause for concern. Our income from hiring charges has gradually increased to nearly £8,000 but donations dropped significantly when Powys County Council indicated in 2016 that they would no longer make annual contributions towards the upkeep of community halls and our fundraising, largely through the bar, has also been hit. Hiring charges were last reviewed in January 2014 so I am afraid that these are having to be revised for the forthcoming year.
In addition, membership of the Hall Committee has dwindled (we currently have no secretary) and this needs to be reversed with the introduction of new (and younger ?) blood in order that we can secure the future of ‘our’ Hall.
I am sure that you would all agree that we are extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic facility at our disposal in the village and that the many activities that take place here are what makes this community tick.
Please make every effort to attend next Monday’s meeting in order that we can we can start to work more effectively with those who use the Hall to secure its future and ensure that it will be an equally valuable facility for coming generations. There is no magical solution but, as is the case with all other facilities run by a group of volunteers, working together has to be the answer.

Trefeglwys Memorial Hall
100 Years On: Trefeglwys Remembers WW-1 This film was produced as a moving tribute to those from the Trefeglwys community who lost their lives fighting for our freedom during World War 1 and 2. The...
[11/23/18]   Help required please.
Anyone available at 7pm tonight to help put up the stage in the hall for an event tomorrow.
Thanks in advance.
Trefeglwys News Christmas Fayre 30 th November at 3.30pm at the memorial hall.
Very nice to see so many people of all ages at the memorial today.
The memorial will be floodlit for the remainder of this week. Thanks as always to mr Alun Bunford for organising things today as he has done for many year.
New tribute to the fallen.
Thanks to Trefeglwys community council.
Remembrance service this Sunday morning in the chapel at 10 am.Followed by the laying of Wreaths and a 2 minute silence at the Memorial hall at 10.45.
[11/04/18]   Can we please ask that dog owners do not use the bins by the hall for your dog waste.
They are private bins for hall users
[12/12/17]   Just been informed.
Yoga is still on tonight
Please take care in car park.
Remembrance service tomorrow morning in the chapel at 10 am.Followed by the laying of Wreaths and a 2 minute silence at the Memorial hall at 10.45

Following the Tragic news of the passing of Julie Smith this week. We will be having a minute silence for her and the family at the beginning of the service.
The main hall done out for another wedding. This time with a carpet on 3/4's of the floor
Jan I am covering the exercise class on Thursday night (tomorrow) 7-8pm. If you fancy a workout before the bank holiday, come on over! It will be a class involving aerobic cardio moves and toning intervals that is suitable for ALL fitness levels!!! £4 a session. See ya there!
Some photos from a recent wedding, showing what can be done to change the look of the hall.
Trefeglwys Memorial Hall
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