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🍻Better Days Are Coming Where We Can’t Wait To Be Pouring Pints Again
⬇️What Drink Are You Missing Us Serve? Tell Us Below
😂Ermm Yeah Sure It’s Going Really Well
🙌Remember We’re All Still In This Together
🗣If You Are Struggling Please Speak Out
✊But Let’s All Do What We Have To Do To Get Back To Normality
👋 As we say farewell to 2020, a year that will not be missed by pubs and everyone within the hospitality industry, we couldn’t see this year out without saying a big thank you to everyone who did what they could to support their local. We will be back bigger and better next year for a brighter 2021.

🏠 How we all choose to celebrate tonight will help switch those lights on much quicker in the new year. So see it in safely at home with your own support bubble.

🌟 Have a healthy and prosperous 2021
Merry Christmas to all friends of skenners x🎄🎁🎉
These guys went missing. Found them nesting. Better not be breeding!!!!

📣 Help us get the the message across social media and to as many MPs as possible that PUBS MATTER! You can share this post and show your solidarity with pubs! Use the hashtag #PUBSMATTER

🍺 It’s about community. Pubs are much more than private businesses selling alcohol. We promote interactions between people from different walks of life and create life long friendships.

🌈 It’s about mental health. Loneliness is a very real curse to lots of people in our community. We have seen first hand how our pub brings people together. Lots of people have been isolated and found this especially hard to cope with.

🌤 It’s about local economics. Pubs in the UK support 900,000 jobs and generate £23bn in value added to the economy each year.

➡️ You can email your MP here to show your support
Caught these pair trying to sneak in after I kicked em out for breaking covid rules
Oh dear. Double trouble 🤪🎄
Saving you from doing it Charl!!!
[12/11/20]   🎄OK GUYS!! Today is Christmas jumper day! I thought it would be fun to see you in a Christmas jumper. Share and like this post and send in your pics and the best one will win a case of beer (tbd). Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing you all gettingin the spirit of xmas. We've missed you ☃️🍾🍻. I will choose the best picture on Sunday. MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎁🎉🎄
Haha. Heather stops play!!! Heather 1, Elf 0
Just hanging around
Found him trapped inside the fridge. AND hes had all the jager
Little sod stripped the tree
Apologies for the late post. Elfs been on a bender @#$%
He thinks its Halloween I'm sure 🤔
Playing pool today. Hes just teasing you 🤪
Caught him picking on Olaf. Might have to bar him!!
Little Elf!!!! You won't get anything from there @skenners 🤔
Power cut in skenners. I hope this isn't the culprit!!!🤪
Look who I just found. Keep your eyes on skenners page for more naughty antics from this little man!!!🌲☃️🎄
Lockdown won't stop you being remembered. Cheers! X
😱Today’s Friday 13th and This Is a Horror Story We Miss Telling You
😱But One We Can’t Wait To Tell Again
Remembrance Sunday 🌺 When you go home, tell them of us and say, for their tomorrow we gave our today

#RemembranceSunday Poppies in the Post | Poppy Appeal | Royal British Legion 🤝Every year volunteers distribute over 40 million poppies to help vital work in supporting the Armed-Forces community.
😔Due to Covid-19 this year, many volunteers are unable to help.
☺️You can help this year by distributing poppies to your friends / neighbours safely.
❤️This ensures our Armed-Forces contribution is never forgotten - Lest We Forget
👇Please click the link to find out many ways in which you can help this year: Due to Covid-19, many of our volunteers are unable to help at this year's Poppy Appeal. We need your help to distribute poppies to your friends and neighbours to ensure we can continue to support our Armed Forces community.
So sad that we can't spend our first Halloween with you all. To keep in the spirit I would like you to send us your pumpkin carving pictures. Have a spooky one but stay safe 🎃👀
[10/22/20]   I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who has supported us since taking over at skenners. You have all become family to us. Today has been amazing and we go into tier 3 with our heads held high. Stay safe and look after your loved ones. We will be here to welcome you with open arms again when this time is done. Love to you all. 10pm curfew is looming 😪
🇮🇪 Ireland vs Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 2PM
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England vs Belgium 🇧🇪 5PM
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland vs Slovakia 🇸🇰 7:45PM

⚽️ All games are live here with us today

📺 What will you be watching? 📺
👌Perfectly Poured Sunday Pint
🍻What’s Your Go To Drink On A Sunday Afternoon In The Pub?

😷 Join us this Thursday for an International friendly.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England v Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
📅 Thursday 8th October 7:30pm
📺 LIVE on @ITV

🤔 What are your score predictions? Comment below
😍 Live Football This Weekend

🤩 Friday:
⚽️ Huddersfield vs Nottingham Forest 7:45pm

😎 Saturday:
⚽️ Brighton vs Man Utd 12:30pm
⚽️ Wycombe Wanders vs Swansea 12:30pm
⚽️ Crystal Palace vs Everton 3:00pm
⚽️ West Brom vs Chelsea 5:30pm
⚽️ Burnley vs Southampton 8:00pm

☺️ Sunday:
⚽️ Sheffield United vs Leeds United 12:00pm
⚽️ Motherwell vs Rangers 12:00pm
⚽️ Spurs vs Newcastle United 2:00pm
⚽️ Man City vs Leicester City 4:30pm
⚽️ West Ham vs Wolves 7:00pm

🚫 Please remember, no shouting or chanting during games to help stop the spread.

📲 Track & Trace
😷 Bring Your Mask. Staff will be wearing them
6️⃣ Stay in groups of no more than 6.

Ready to serve. #skenners
📆 Today is the day that the new Covid19 measures are implemented across pubs in England & Wales.

📱 The new #NHSCOVID19app is now available in England and Wales, it is the fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk from coronavirus and it is the primary tool we are using for you check into our pub - and the easiest!!

📲 Download now from:

➡️Google Play Store:…

➡️Apple App Store:…

🧐 Find out more:

6️⃣ The Rule of Six is now in place. This means you can only sit on a table of 6 people (including yourself). Once you are with your group you must not ‘table hop’ and stay with your original party.

😷 On arrival you must have a face mask. This can be removed once you have sat down at your table. When you need to get up (to go to the toilet for example) you must wear your face mask again until you leave the pub or return back to your table.

📲 Track & Trace is compulsory. See above links and download the NHS Track & Trace App.

🔔 Everyone must vacate the pub by 10pm.

💕 Last and certainly not least - BE KIND. Be Kind to one another. Be Kind to our staff. Be Kind to yourself. This is NOT forever and TOGETHER we will beat this virus!
⌛️ At midnight tonight the #NHSCOVID19app, a vital tool to help you protect the ones you love, will be available nationally across England and Wales.

📲 This will be the principle tool to use at our venue to comply with track and trace.

✅ A built in QR scanner will let you check in to our pub quickly and easily.

➡️ Find out more:

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